I have expressed my opinion on Facebook and would like share it again on here to reach out to more people in order to educate you on why making mockery or insulting deaf people will not go down well at all.

I've left this status on public. Sorry it's a bit long but it really needs to said for once. I'll say this once so I expect you to take it all in and think about it and please share this to get your friends to read it, so they can learn from this.

I would like to talk about disability hate crime and it is taking place on here #facebook and I am so disappointed with them for being so slow to take action on this person who have been reposting the same videos over and over again mocking and insulting the deaf people in general. It is very obvious it is a disability hate crime and he has done this to provoke a reaction out of us.

For those who think our reaction to his disgusting attitude towards deaf people is over the top. Let me tell you, we're no snowflakes, we have faced endless barriers in terms of access, communication and attitudes from ignorant people. We have spent our entire lives repeating ourselves to make you understand our difficulties. It's your attitudes that makes us disabled. We are perfectly capable of doing lots of things but it's some of you that's complicit in making us feel invisible, worthless, inferior, lazy and lastly a joke to you. We are not going to be the butt of your jokes in order to be popular or either that you're simply stupid. You have forgotten the meaning of respect.
Let's take a look this meaning in case you have forgotten –




due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others.

"young people's lack of respect for their parents"

synonyms:due regard, consideration,thoughtfulness, attentiveness,politeness, courtesy, civility,deference

"he speaks to the old lady with respect"

(Take heed of this, DWP and our lovely (!) Tory government whose heads are so far up their asses, your PIP and ESA assesments are complete joke cos you've have driven some of us into despair with your ignorance.)

Let me tell you the history of oppression against the disabled in case you have forgotten or plainly ignorant. I suggest you to read http://www.historicengland.org.uk/research/inclusive-heritage/disability-history/ and look up on Google, there's an absolute minefield of information ( please educate yourself, it'll teach you something new)

Disabled people were sterilised without their consent and without their knowledge.

Disabled people were put into asylums and forgotten about.

Eugenics was introduced in 1930s so that every defective man, woman and child is a burden to the society. Disabled people should be segregated from everyone else.

During the 2nd World War, the Nazis performed experiments on the disabled and performed euthanasia to eliminate "life unworthy to life" using drugs and starvation instead of gassings. (Makes a very harrowing reading)

Take a look at The Deaf Holocaust slides


It wasn't until 1981, when our UK government closed down asylums cos of scandals to neglect and abuse.

We finally get our Disablity Discrimination Act here in UK in 1995, which isn't much use but it has protected our rights to live as an equal as a "perfect" ( I say in quotes, do I refer you as an able bodied or "normal" or healthy.)

We finally get our Disability Hate crime in 2003 despite in US having it in 1969 and was expanded further in 2009.

After all that time, we finally are getting the same treatment as our peers but we are still facing anti disablist attitudes and ignorance. It slowly chips away on us, unless you go through it yourself. We have come this far but I believe strongly in education and starting from early age, for example teaching sign language in schools, teaching compassion and kindness instead of bombarding them with unnecessary knowledge in order to keep up with the government's targets.

I am disappointed with this… ( insert unsavoury comment ) idiot who thought it was funny to insult deaf people because we are supposed to be role models to set an example to one another.

I'll say this quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson

"Ignorance is a virus . Once it starts spreading, it can only be cured by reason. For the sake of humanity, we must be that cure."

In the words of my friend Sophie Stone
"We're ALL accountable".

Let's make this post viral, shall we? After all, you're the cure, spread what you have just learnt and pay it forward. Anyone could end up disabled today, tomorrow, next week, next month, next year. Kindness and compassion goes a long way.